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We’re all about making things happen. All our events are thanks to Wizards that made this group their own by hosting events or leading projects, and we encourage everyone to do the same.

One of our favorite things is getting together and some work done.
Learn a new skill from a fellow Wizard or share a bit of your own knowledge!
We're all about getting to know one another and having a bit of fun.
UX Talks
Learn from other UX-ers by tuning in and hearing about their expertise.
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We’ve collected recordings of our hosted talks, published our own podcast, and have created a mixing pot of favorite links. Here are just a few of our favorite.

What we love about UX Wizards

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Keri Fullwood
senior ux designer

I've enjoyed learning about technology, trends and industry best practices with other Wizards in a social and collaborative environment.

Ann Chung
ux designer

I get to meet people from all walks of life and do fun projects.

Laura Williams
visual designer

I've learned so much from talking to others and doing projects together, but the best part is having made lasting friendships too.

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